A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Carrom Wars is a Turn-based PVP game that follows the gameplay of Carroms but with a twist.

You get 3 Strikers instead of one and they all explode.

Pocket coins to increase your score and enemy strikers to reduce their score.

Use the explosion to push coins, enemy strikers or Save your striker from falling.

Please give us Feedback so that we can improve this game.

PS: This is our first game, so feel free to shit on us


Carrom Wars(Mac).zip 26 MB
Carrom Wars(Windows).zip 22 MB


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Very well-made and seemingly accurate (except the explosions), although I'm not really familiar with Carrom myself. The physics work well and the graphics are nice 'n tidy. The pew-pew sounds and explosions bring a bit personal touch to it! If there's something to improve, maybe quitting after a match should first take the players back to the menu, instead of abruptly exiting the program.

We'd like to see this game in our annual Game Development World Championship!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and playing our game.
We'll consider your feedback when we're improving our game.